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The Magic Eraser Correction Pen can clean hard-to-wash nail seams, and can be reused with nail polish remover. The tip of the pen is inclined, which fits the finger edge, it is convenient to use, and the workmanship is also very delicate.

The nail polish remover itself does not have nail polish remover in it! You need to fill it yourself. The pointed pen tip can remove unwanted stains more accurately. Just like a pen, gently press the pen tip on the stain and rub it back and forth.

How to use:

1.Before use, the nail correction pen can be taken apart and filled with acetone or nail gel remover in the pen core.

2.Make sure that the pen is full of acetone or nail remover and wipe the edges and cuticles of the painted nails.

Magic Eraser Correction Pen

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